The Magic Challenge League is an officially supported casual play league for people in the high country. Organized and officiated by the Dragon's Den of Boone. The league is free to join, but participation in events has small individual fees. The events consist of deck build challenges, fallowed by double elimination tournaments. Prizes are awarded to the top place finishers, and then a new challenge is made for the next one!

Current Challenge

Battle of the Dragons!

   To celebrate the formation of the league with the Dragon's Den, the first challenge will be to build a deck around the mightiest of the monsters, the Dragon! To put it in game terms, contenders must build a 60 card deck with cards from the modern format. At least 20 cards must be creatures and all creatures must be of the type, Dragon, Drake, or Wurm. (No shapeshifters, yes, we know they are technically ALL creature types, but still no). No more than 4 copies of any named card can be in the deck. The rest is up to you!